Pro Peeler Ceramic Blade

The Pro Peeler’s ceramic blade is precisely calibrated to remove just the skin, without wasting any of the fruit or vegetable you are peeling.   It is strong enough to peel the thick peel of a turnip, but its thin blade can also scrape the skin off a delicate spear of asparagus without mangling it.

The blade is made of extremely fine sub-nanometer zirconium oxide particles which are dry pressed, then processed using cold isostatic pressing before being bonded by high temperature sintering in a bell kiln. The finished blades are then carefully ground to a razor thin edge. This proprietary process produces very strong blades with a density in excess of 6.02 g/cm3.

Ceramic blades don’t absorb the odors, tastes, or colors from the produce you’re peeling, so you can use them without worrying that the taste of last night’s onions will be transmitted to today’s strawberries.  They are chemically inert so they don’t corrode from contact with acids,  won’t transmit a metallic taste to foods, and will never rust.

The blade’s smooth surface is  impervious to germs and bacteria.

The Pro Peeler’s razor sharp edge stays sharp longer than either stainless or high carbon steel blades.

Pro Peeler Care and Use Guidelines

Although the zirconium oxide produces a blade that is harder than steel, the fine edge can be damaged if dropped on a hard surface, or used to cut materials other than fruits and vegetables.

  • Do not use the peeler on frozen foods, bone, or non-edible materials.
  • Keep the peeler separate from other utensils in the dishwasher and silverware drawer.
  • Thoroughly wash the blade after each use
  • Do not touch the blade with your fingers or any other body part, as it is extremely sharp, and can cause injury.