Cestari Cutlery Serrated Utility Knife

Cestari Cutlery (TMCESTARI KNIFE Gift Box with EVA Tray copy) Serrated Utility Knife: The Right Knife for the Job
– Razor Sharp Blade: stays sharp longer than either stainless or high carbon steel blades
– Advanced Ceramics: Non porous, non reactive ceramic blade will not absorb odors or discolor food
– Ergonomic Design: Perfectly balanced lightweight handle, designed for comfort
– Easy Care: Dishwasher safe, never rusts
– The knife’s handle is injection molded in a single piece of polypropylene, resulting in a smooth design with no joints to harbor germs and bacteria
– The materials are stable at very high temperatures, so you can feel free to use the sterilize setting of your dishwasher

While most people think of serrated knives as bread knives – and this knife does an EXCELLENT job slicing bread- the shorter 6 inch blade makes it the perfect knife to make thin uniform slices of fruits and vegetables. It also slices both hard and soft cheese nicely.