Easy Pod

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 More Than Just a Vegetable Steamer

The Cestari Kitchen Easy Pod will become your best friend in the kitchen. You’ll find yourself using it to make omelets for breakfast, reheat leftovers for lunch, and to steam vegetables, fish, and chicken for dinner.

Steam Vegetables in Under 3 Minutes

Vegetable SteamerMost vegetables steam in under 3 minutes.  Just add 1-2 tablespoons of water to the pod, add the vegetables, close the pod, and cook on high power until done to your taste.  You’ll need to experiment until you find the time that works for you and your microwave.

Like all Cestari products, the Easy Pod is made of premium materials.  We only use BPA free European quality premium food grade silicone in the manufacture of the pod, so you can feel confident when cooking for your family.

Make Omelets FAST in Your Microwave

img_3909-1croppedSteam vegetables like onions, peppers, and broccoli briefly first, then drain the water.

Add eggs and cheese, and soft vegetables like spinach, close the pod, and microwave for about one to one and a half  minutes.

Since all microwaves vary, you’ll need to experiment to get the best cooking time for your particular situation.


Oven Safe for Roasting and Moist Heat Pod Cooking


In its pod configuration, this unique kitchen gadget replaces parchment paper or foil for moist heat cooking; unfolded into a bowl, it serves salad or rice; and rolled up at one end, the Cestari Kitchen Easy Pod becomes a funnel to collect cooking juices for a sauce or a gravy.

The Easy Pod is nonstick, so even foods like roasted potatoes will slide right off onto your plate.