Pro Peeler Use and Care


The peeler is factory set for right-handers. We are not discriminating, just going with the majority. However, it can be switched to work for left-handers. Here's how: 

  • Hold the peeler in one hand with the blade side down, about an inch above the counter.
  • With the other hand, bend the top of the peeler back and up, until the blade pops out
  • Reinsert the blade in the desired direction, inserting the bottom pin first, then the top pin.
  • Make sure the blade is secure before using the peeler.

7 Creative Ways to Use Your Pro Peeler


  • “Peel” cheese: Your ProPeeler can be used to peel the tough outer skin of hard cheese, as well as to make slivers of cheese to top salads or bruschetta.
  • Soften cutter: If you need to soften cold butter quickly, use your peeler to shave thin slivers of hard butter that will quickly soften.
  • Zest citrus:: No need for a specialty zester when you have a ProPeeler; the razor sharp ceramic blade cuts through citrus peel easily to create garnishes for cocktails.
  • De-string celery: Use your peeler to remove the stringy fibers on the outside of celery stalks.
  • Hull strawberries: The pointed end of your peeler is designed to remove potato eyes, and also works well to hull the stems on strawberries
  • Seed jalapenos: Cut off the stem end of a jalapeno and insert the peeler to remove the seeds and the ribs.
  • Sharpen chalk: Can’t find your chalk sharpener? No problem – your peeler is up to the task.


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