Bench Scraper Uses

This tool is meant to cut dough, but it has a lot more uses. A bench knife, sometimes called a dough scraper, with a ruler printed on the blade for quick measuring is a very handy tool.

  1. Transport vegetables from a cutting board to a sauté pan.
  2. Cut brownies or bar cookies neatly.
  3. Scrape the counter of sticky food or small food particles.
  4. Score bread dough before baking.
  5. Smash garlic cloves to remove the skin (using the side of the blade).
  6. Level a cup of flour.
  7. Make chocolate curls (using a bar chocolate on the long end carefully scrape curls).
  8. Press icing out of a pastry bag to eliminate waste.
  9. Cut soft or semisoft cheese such as brie or havarti.
  10. Scrape burned food remnants off of baking pans.



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