Chalk Pen Uses

Schedule and Chore Board

Chore board



If you are making a schedule board for your own home, you can add whatever you need to help keep the family on track. Consider things like a shopping list, a reminder list, a checklist for chores, or a weekly schedule by hour, etc.



Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

  • Chalk Ink Pens
  • Framed glass or framed plastic (thrift store art with the painting/photo removed)
  • Command strips
  • Sticky notes (optional for calendar)

      Start by removing the photo/art from the frame, and just leaving the glass intact in your frame. Flip it so the back faces up, as that is  where you’ll trace/draw your outlines for a calendar, schedule, or lines for your lists.

      With the lines traced onto the back of the glass, the front is free to write things that will be changed on more regular basis. Then when you go to erase your writing, you aren’t accidentally erasing your calendar and list lines as well.

      Chore board up close


      Flip it around to the front, to populate it. Here is what mine looked like when I was finished with my outlines. Some simple Command strips keep it secured to the wall.

      Now I am free to fill in the details! Each child got their color of choice, and my eldest got rights to use the wet markers to fill in her calendar, while my two younger girls will be using sticky post-it notes to populate their calendar (until they are old enough not to forget the marker lying open on my carpet somewhere). The good news is that even if I do decide to entrust them with a marker and a mishap does occur, these wet wipe chalk markers are child safe (non toxic), and water based (aka it washes off!). 😀 Actually, they are great to keep in the craft room or kitchen for the kids to use for projects.

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