Garlic Press Use and Care

Using Your Garlic Press

The garlic press can be used in two ways to create traditional pressed or sliced garlic.

Minced garlic
Pressed garlic is best used tor salad dressings and most recipes where you want the garlic to blend in.
  • Place the garlic (peeled or unpeeled) in this side.
  • Close the handles and gently squeeze.

    Slice garlic
    Sliced garlic works well for sautes and dishes where you want a larger piece of garlic.

    • Place the garlic into the peeler and then move the insert over the garlic. Make sure it is properly seated in place before closing to avoid damage.
    • Slowly close the handles and squeeze gently

    Caring for Your Garlic Press

    Garlic Press Cleaner
    • After finishing with the garlic press, remove any remaining large pieces of garlic or peel from the hopper.
    • If there is any garlic wedged in the holes of the press,  insert the Cestari garlic press cleaning tool to push through small particles.
    • Gently wash with soap and water or place in the dishwasher.
    • Dry thoroughly before storing.

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