How to Use Your Cestari Cold Brew Filter

Your Cestari Cold Brew Filter is designed to fit into the lid of the Cestari Infusion Pitcher, but can also work as a standalone filter with other pitchers or jars.

If you have a Cestari Pitcher:  Remove the pop off top, fill the filter with coffee, screw it into the Cestari Kitchen Glass Infusion Pitcher lid, fill the pitcher with water, and screw the lid in place.  Refrigerate for 12- 24 hours and enjoy!

If you don’t have a Cestari Pitcher: Fill the filter with coffee, and attach the pop off top to keep the grounds secure.  Place the filled filter in a jar or pitcher filled with water above the level of coffee in the filter.  Refrigerate for 12- 24 hours and enjoy!

The ratio of coffee to water that you use depends on your personal taste.  I personally use 1 cup ground coffee to 5 cups of water.  1 cup of coffee is easy to measure, as that's the amount the filter holds when full.

The filter has an easy-cleaning feature that you may not have noticed.  In addition to an open top, it also has a bottom that screws off.  This makes it easy to make sure all of the grounds are out of the filter before you place it in the dishwasher for cleaning.