Ice Mold Recipes

Lemon/Lime Ice Balls A lime drink not only keeps you calm and cool but it also serves as a great detoxifier. Just pour some lemon or lime juice into one of ice ball makers, freeze overnight and use them with whatever you want. 

Coffee Ice Balls Good news for coffee lovers! Just fill the ice ball spheres with brewed coffee and allow it to freeze. Place the balls in your coffee for a refreshing drink.

Mint Ice Balls Add some minty zest to your regular water. These mint cubes are perfect for everything from mojitos to iced-teas or simple lemonade. Just grab the ice ball maker, fill with water, add some shredded mint leaves and freeze. Refreshing and delightful. 

Floral Ice Cubes Impress your guests with edible flower ice balls. Use flowers of any edible variety like violets, lavenders, orchids or pansies. Separate the petals from larger flowers and place them in the ice spheres with water. Freeze overnight. 

Berry Cubes Freeze the goodness of whole berries like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries in an ice sphere with water. Place the frozen ball with seltzer and have a refreshing summer drink.




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