Pastry Blender Use and Care

How to Use the Cestari Pastry Blender

The Cestari pastry blender is a handy kitchen tool that allows you to cut fats into flour quickly and easily. The tines are curved making it easy to use right in your mixing bowl. Also, the handle makes it very easy to grip to make pie crusts, scones and other flaky pastries.

When using the pastry blender, combine the ingredients you need to blend in a bowl. Grip the handle and press the tines down into the butter or shortening, cutting it and combining it with the flour and other dry ingredients for your pastry. Continue pressing the blender into the fat. The dough that sticks to the tines will come off as you work the pastry. Use a spatula to scrape excess pastry off the tines, then continue making your dough.


How to Care for the Cestari Pastry Blender

After using the pastry blender, give it a quick rinse in cool water.

The pastry blender is dishwasher safe.

Make sure it is completely dry before putting it away.




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