Pizza Recipes

Artichoke, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Goat Cheese Pizza


  • ½ standard 12” pizza dough
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 3 large onions sliced
  • 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 4 cups sun dried tomatoes in oil chopped
  • 1 cup marinated artichokes chopped
  • 1 cup goat cheese crumbled
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4t sp pepper 
  • 1Tbsp parsley for garnish


  1. Preheat BBQ grill to 475°F.
  2. Heat the oil in a skillet. Add sliced onions. Slowly cook the onions until caramelized, stirring frequently. It should take about 12-15 minutes.
  3. Roll out the pizza dough with no edges and place on the Cestari grill mat and carefully place on the grill grates. Close the grill lid and let cook for two minutes.
  4. After two minutes, open the grill and check underneath the dough to see if it is getting browned. If it is on one side, but not another, use a spatula or tongs to rotate the dough 90 degrees and cook for another minute.
  5. If it is not beginning to brown, cover the grill and continue to cook a minute at a time until the bottom has begun to brown. It should only take a couple minutes if you have a hot grill. The top of the pizza dough will start bubbling up with air pockets.
  6. Remove grilled dough and flip it over onto a cookie sheet:
  7. Once the pizza dough has browned lightly on one side, use your cookie sheet or pizza peel to remove it from the grill. Use a spatula to flip the dough over so that the grilled side is now up. Keep the grill covered so it retains its heat for the next step.
  8. Brush the crust before adding toppings. Arrange caramelized onions over the pizza crust. Top with shredded mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, and crumbled goat cheese. Season with salt and pepper and grill for about 3-5 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and crust is golden brown.

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    Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni

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    Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Salami, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Olives 

    Canadian Bacon and Pineapple
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    Prosciutto, Kalamata Olives, Fresh Garlic, Ricotta Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mozzarella 

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    Whole Small Meatballs, Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce  


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    Marylin Monroe
    All Blonde Cheese Pizza, White Sauce, Mozzarella, Provolone, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Grated Parmesan, Fresh Basil 

    Plum Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil Leaves 

    Mushroom Magic
    Roasted Garlic Sauce, Assorted Mushroom such as Champignon, White Mushroom, Portabella, Cremini, Oyster, Shitake, and/or Morel  

    Dried Tomato
    Mozzarella, Provolone, Sun Dried Or Oven Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Basil Leaves 

    Fire & Smoke
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    Artichoke and Pesto 
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    Autumn Vegetable Pizza 
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    Mashed Roasted Eggplant instead of Tomato Sauce 

    Onion & Gorgonzola
    Lightly Sautéed Onion, Gorgonzola Crumbles, Black Pepper, Nutmeg 


    Chicken Pizzas

    BBQ Chicken
    BBQ Chicken Breast, Bacon Bits, Red Onion, Mozzarella and Provolone Cheeses, on a Tomato or Roasted Garlic Sauce

    Chicken Potato
    Roasted Onion-Garlic Potato Sauce, Smoked Chicken, Fire-Roasted Rosemary Potatoes, Smoked Mozzarella, Balsamic Vinegar Syrup

    Chicken Pesto
    Grilled Herb Marinated Chicken, Pesto Sauce, Mozzarella 

    Chicken Sausage 
    Italian Style Chicken Sausage, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Garlic Cream, Black Olives, Fontina

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