Setting Up the Bee House

When is the Best Time to Put the Bee House Up?

Put your houses out  before native bees begin to hatch in the spring.  This is usually when temperatures will be consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will vary depending on your region.  If you put the house out too late, the bees will have found other places to nest.

Where do I Put the Bee House?

Bee House Placement

About 3-6 feet above the ground, near a source of pollen is the best place.  Attach the house to a stable surface, such as a garage/shed wall, a tree, a fence, or a post. Make sure it is sheltered from wind.  Bees are cold-blooded and rely on the warmth of the sun. A southern exposure is best to warm them up in the cool mornings.

Other Considerations

  • Make sure there is a clear path from the flowers or vegetables to the house, and the tubes are not blocked by vegetation.  
  • Mason bees plug the tubes up after they have laid their eggs, so they will need a source of damp mud to do their work.
  • Different bees like different plants, so check with your local Cooperative Extension to see what will make your local bees the happiest.
  • If you do not see any bees in your house after the first season, and you have followed the instructions above, the native bee populations may have been wiped out in your area.  In this case, plan on purchasing bees from a supplier next spring.  With the habitat you’ve created, you’ll be helping to rebuild the population.


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